Monday 28 March 2011

That's how it's done!

Kevin would not allow the use of string or hoe - the right way or the highway! Use your shovel, toss left, toss right, keep going straight to the end. Put down a decent bed of manure and place your potatoes about a foot apart - get in there - don't be afraid to walk in it! Once in, start backfilling the same way.
Look at that for a March sky!
Sorry about the wide-angle lens, Kevin, you do look a bit stretched!


  1. Once the spuds are in the season has really started!We still have a few drills to put in and of course the weather has changed now!

  2. That looks like wonderful soil! You are way ahead of me there!

  3. Soil to cherish and love...because it will surely love your potatoes! Beautiful sky!