Tuesday 8 March 2011

Hotbox Vanishes

Beautiful day yesterday. Just had to get down to the allotment and pump up the barrow. Had a good look around - 4 more diggers on site. Spread a little manure, a spot of weeding, a little dig over of the early spud location, a chat with Jim. What is that blue plastic sheet doing there? Oh I use that as a base for my Hotbox. Hotbox? What hotbox? Gone and I'd never noticed it! Uh oh! Not good. It's started, says Jim. A lady found her orange barrow missing last week. Muise 'dhiabhail! Our local Sherlock Holmes reckons that barrow was used to move the heavy hotbox to a waiting van. No sign of it on our site anyway. What next? Security cameras secreted among the leeks? Oh well.


  1. Hi Paddy, I am so sorry that stuff is being removed from your site.It makes things a lot harder if you have to bring what you need each day and then take it home with you again for safety. Are your allotments near the roadway and accessible to anyone?

  2. Sad when stuff like that happens. Seems to be happening more and more in our society. I am living in Roscommon on a 3 acre smallholding with my hubby Andy plus goats, dogs and donkey. Am trying to connect with other people gardening/blogging in Ireland.

  3. I blogged over from Peggy's allotment...regret that your hotbox was snatched! Apparently some human beings just can't keep their hands off of other peoples stuff. Enjoyed visiting your blog!