Saturday 12 February 2011

Relocation Reorientation

Cyril's shed went over in last week's wind (same as last year!) and the Carton Court Meitheal were once again sent for to see what could be done. Obair in aisce, of course, for the mighty Jim MacMahon had rowed in and righted the structure single handed!
Cyril decided to face her for the College this time, presenting a slimmer profile for the Western Winds. And while there he proceeded to harvest his bountiful Brussel Sprouts. Not a bad day's work!


  1. Hello!! Great to see you back online. I hope you are going to keep us up to date on the plot.I am not sure about the manure, I thought about a year old was enough? Some stables are now using wood shavings instead of straw and they take ages to break down.

  2. Hey Peggy! Good to hear from you! Don't like the sound of that extended wintry spell on the way. Good luck with the potatoes. I'm actually cutting back on them this year - trying to get rotation going - just Sharpe's and Queens.