Monday 28 March 2011

That's how it's done!

Kevin would not allow the use of string or hoe - the right way or the highway! Use your shovel, toss left, toss right, keep going straight to the end. Put down a decent bed of manure and place your potatoes about a foot apart - get in there - don't be afraid to walk in it! Once in, start backfilling the same way.
Look at that for a March sky!
Sorry about the wide-angle lens, Kevin, you do look a bit stretched!

Friday 18 March 2011

Please note

Soup Time

Just a quick visit to get some leeks for the soup. Trimmed them up and chopped the leftovers into the compost while waiting for herself to return from Tesco's. Car really hummed of leeks on the way home.

And they're OFF!

St. Patrick's Day over and it's time to get in the Sharpe's Express. Jim is digging a nice trench and placing his tubers on a decent bed of manure. Time to backfill now and leave enough for later earthing up.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Hotbox Vanishes

Beautiful day yesterday. Just had to get down to the allotment and pump up the barrow. Had a good look around - 4 more diggers on site. Spread a little manure, a spot of weeding, a little dig over of the early spud location, a chat with Jim. What is that blue plastic sheet doing there? Oh I use that as a base for my Hotbox. Hotbox? What hotbox? Gone and I'd never noticed it! Uh oh! Not good. It's started, says Jim. A lady found her orange barrow missing last week. Muise 'dhiabhail! Our local Sherlock Holmes reckons that barrow was used to move the heavy hotbox to a waiting van. No sign of it on our site anyway. What next? Security cameras secreted among the leeks? Oh well.

Saturday 12 February 2011

Is it aged enough?

Kevin and Ger discussing the quality of farmyard manure on offer at the plot. Should be at least 2 years old, declared Kevin, to be any good. Ger reckoned this pile is a lot fresher than that!

Relocation Reorientation

Cyril's shed went over in last week's wind (same as last year!) and the Carton Court Meitheal were once again sent for to see what could be done. Obair in aisce, of course, for the mighty Jim MacMahon had rowed in and righted the structure single handed!
Cyril decided to face her for the College this time, presenting a slimmer profile for the Western Winds. And while there he proceeded to harvest his bountiful Brussel Sprouts. Not a bad day's work!