Thursday 13 May 2010

May frost

I laughed at the brother last year when he warned me to watch out for the May Frost! I was sure he was winding up the newbie. I'm not laughing now. Tried covering the earlies with fleece but still got discoloured blackened leaves. Big Jim advised me to get the fleece up off the spuds and suggested hooped willow wands as a support - lots growing along the hedge. Strange year so far. What are the odds on a June Frost?


  1. We are the same down here, frost in the early mornings,between that and the NE winds nothing is growing very fast everything is way behind.Don't mention June frost to put the kibosh on it completely!

  2. What a shame! Though, from your picture not all the leaves were damaged - fingers crossed they will recover. As for a June frost? Anything's possible - keep those willow hoops handy!