Tuesday 20 April 2010

Recent Activity

Starting off the Sunflowers from last year's saved seed. This lot has been potted on and delivered to Kilcock. Too early yet to put them in the ground. The styrofoam casing around the propagator came from the packaging of a B&Q storage box - just fitted exactly!
Spuds chitting away in the spare, cool, bright bedroom. Odd lot Kevin got this year - Collen, Cara, Lady Balfour, Duke of York. A far cry from the Kerr's Pinks and Golden Wonders of yesteryear. And what about that great Irish potato - the British Queen?

Starting off the Sweetpea on the windowsill a few weeks ago. Nine of the 14 came up. They're flying out in the plastic house now.

Dylan's Courgettes and Pumpkins were sown less than 2 weeks ago but are going absolutely mental. They need to be planted out even though it's frosty still. A bit of fleece over them should do the job. I didn't realize how big these were going to get last year - I put down some courgettes, squashes, pumpkins. Little plantlets. They ran riot and threatened to take over the plot. This year - no pumpkins - Dylan can bring them home. No squash - we didn't really take to it. Two courgette plants are going in - and they're going to be watched!

Green shoots - these onion sets all came on wonderfully in the plastic house and are now planted out with the carrots. Next lot coming on.

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